About Roo-Trader:

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our product!

OTrader was started in 2003 by a trader in Perth, Australia. He took his detailed tracking spreadsheets and turned them into the first version of the OTrader software. From 2003 until 2011, OTrader was updated and improved. The final version 4.2.5, was the last released version for our older software. In 2010, I bought OTrader from the original owner. Since then, we have been working to bring the users more updates and respond to their request like the previous owner did. Since 2010 OTrader evolved into Roo-Trader. Our current release, and the web site you are looking at now, have grown from the past two years of work. When we started updating OTrader, we discovered that the language it was written in was being left behind by the development community. So, we spent eighteen months rewriting our software to take advantage of the latest software development tools. We now have a new framework that we are using to speed updates to our Roo-Trader Version 6 software.

We are not where we want to be!

This is a work in progress. My team and I have almost two years of work in trying to improve on the founders original product. At the same time, our members have been helpful in pointing what we need to add and where we are falling short. We couldn’t make it better without their help and support. Our users are serious about their trading. They want a score card to see how well they are doing against Mr. Market. We are working hard to deliver a tool that allows our members to track, measure, and plan their trades. Finally, please understand that writing good software takes time. Our team is focused on this tool. We have a list of features to add, based on your input. We wish we were father along, but good code, like anything worth doing well, takes focus, resources, passion, and most of all, time to get it right.

We welcome you to download the free trial. If you like it, please join us.

If we are lacking in any areas, then please let us know that too! Your opinions and emails are read and put into action.

Thank you for working with us and happy trading!


Willam and the Roo-Trader Team!

The Legal Stuff: OTrader and Roo-Trader are registered trademarks of Akoola Byte, Inc.

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