1. Create Profit & Loss reports In a fraction of the time – Roo-Trader lets you create profit & loss reports dynamically by simply entering your trades. Each time you place a trade, Roo-Trader dynamically updates your profit & loss reports. You will know your exact position at the click of a button.

    You can also use these profit & loss reports to give to your accountant at tax time saving you hundreds of dollars on accountant fees.

  2. Multiple Trading Systems – By creating trading systems within your portfolio you gain the ability to filter your results into different trading strategies. Imagine you have three different trading systems. One for stocks, one for options and one for income/dividend strategies. After 12 months of trading you want to know which system was the most profitable. Roo-Trader gives you this ability by allowing you to view profit & loss reports on a per system basis as well as combined portfolio.

    Using this information you could determine that dropping the income/dividend system and trading the stock and option system would produce you a higher return on investment.

  3. Update your Portfolio with Current Prices – After a trade has been entered you can update your open trades with one click of a button. By using free data from Yahoo finance or DDE(requires third party software. E.g Bourse Data) your portfolio will be up to date with current market prices so that each trading decision is based on up to date figures. After updating your portfolio if a stop loss has been hit a popup alert will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen alerting you to take action.

  4. View Trades – The software not only tracks your trades, it also filters them into open and closed trades. Allowing you to quickly see which trades are open, which have hit their stop losses and those that are in profit so that you can take to required action.

    If you scale into trades or buy multiple lots of the same instrument Roo-Trader allows you to group these trades together showing you a total position profit & loss, average entry price and total position brokerage.

  5. Handles Stocks, Options, Warrants and CFDs – Doesn’t matter what you trade! You can track it.

    • Stocks, options, warrants, futures and CFDs. No problem!
    • Expire and Exercise option contracts.
    • Split trades that you close in two or more lots.
    • Enter complex multiple leg option strategies on one easy to use screen.
  6. Increases your knowledge many times over – Ask any trading professional, they will tell you, tracking your results will make the difference between success and failure in any business. The only way to increase your trading results is to locate your weak points and focus on your strong points.

  7. Customizable reports – Use the selection of reports to view, print and export your trading results. You control the date range, account, and system selection allowing you to view the precise information you need.

  8. Dynamic Profit & Loss Calculations – After you update your portfolio Roo-Trader will recalculate the profit & loss for each trade displaying your net profit & loss in dollars and percentage format.

  9. Trader’s Diary – All traders make the same mistakes… Period! The difference being professional traders locate them by keeping a traders diary and then fix them before they destroy their account!

  10. Position Size Calculator – Position sizing is one of the most important aspects of trading. This is why Roo-Trader boasts a built in position size calculator to instantly determine your position size based on parameters you enter so that you can maximize your trading returns.

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