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Roo-Trader Version 6 Release Candidate 1 is Out

What a long and winding road this has been. After two years of work, the development team put out RC1 on Friday. The beta testers have pulled it down and are again making suggestions to us. Although, we are hearing less and less from them as their issues have been addressed. We still need your input to keep doing our updates for you. Suggestions and comments are very welcome! The current update notes for Version 6 RC1 are here: V6-RC1-Notes There are still a lot of updates we will be making. Our next big set of challenges are the migration wizard for our older software users, and then the price updates. We also had some feedback from two Forex users that will require us to add a section for their needs. That will make it easier for them to navigate the system. Happy Trading! The Roo-Trader Team

The traders alternative to MYOB, Quickbooks and Excel.

The Trader’s alternative to MYOB, Quickbooks and Excel.

Are your trading accounts accurate? Can you bring up your profit & loss reports in a matter of minutes should the tax people come calling? Would you be able to show detailed records of your trades in under five minutes?
OTrader 4.2 is a streamlined, easy-to-use portfolio management tool for stock, options, warrant, future and CFD traders. The new features in OTrader 4.2 allow you go way beyond your standard excel spread sheets by giving you advanced reporting and trade analysis.
OTrader Portfolio Management Software allows you to:
  • Plan your trades before placing your capital at risk.
  • Trade your plan by using the trading plan check list, improving your trading discipline and potential returns.
  • Manage your trades including stop losses, profit targets and end of financial year reporting.
  • Review your trades so you can easily establish your trading strengths and weakness.

Professional trade management

OTrader 4.2 provides everything you need as a private trader to manage your portfolio:
  • Quick and simple trade entry screens that make keeping your portfolio up-to-date fast and efficient.
  • Powerful reporting that details your exact financial position allowing you to make informed trading decisions. No more on-the-fly un-thought out panic decisions.
  • Ability to track CFD’s, Stocks, Options, Warrants, Futures, Managed Funds, Dividends and trade financing costs.
  • Update trade prices for free from yahoo finance or use DDE to connect to your existing data source.

Sophisticated trade analysis

By creating unlimited accounts and systems you gain complete control over your trading to analyse each detail of your performance. By assigning trades to a specific trading system you gain the capability to drill down on your results exposing the strengths and weakness of your trading system.
  • Advanced trade analysis allows you to determine the most profitable aspects of your trading so that you know where to place your money for maximum results.
  • Quickly create multiple leg option trades using the built in option matrix giving you an overall position profit & loss figure.

Simple yet powerful reporting

OTrader 4.2 offers the tools necessary to optimise your trading and increase your revenue. With the addition of unlimited systems and accounts OTrader allows you to refine your trading to a scientific level. OTrader 4.2 now gives you complete trading statistics making it an indispensable tool for your trading toolbox.

Get started now with a 20 day, fully functional trial

Why create excel spreadsheets with complex interfaces when you can start your fully functional, ready to run, ready to customize 20 day trial? Get your Personal trading up-to-date in minutes, and manage your investments with ease.   Download Now

Free Download: Get the Most Imporant Investment Report you will read in 2010

Free 13-page Report: Robert Prechter’s firm Elliott Wave International has just released its annual “Most Important Report of 2010.” Inside, Prechter delivers hard facts, eye-opening charts and straightforward commentary to help you take advantage of the investment enviroment – and avoid the dangerous pitfalls – that you will face in 2010. You’ll get analysis and forecasts you can act on, and you’ll learn what the government’s unprecedented involvement in the financial markets will mean for your portfolio in 2010 and beyond. Learn more and download your free report now..   Please recall with me the prevailing investor sentiment from this time last year… U.S. stocks had been in strong decline for more than a year. Some of the most celebrated bulls had turned into bears, and the few bears that did exist before the downturn had become even more bearish. The Daily Sentiment Index for the S&P registered an astonishing 3 percent bulls — virtually no one was believing the upside was coming — and the bleakest of forecasts for 2009 called for nothing short of financial apocalypse. But well-known contrarian analyst Robert Prechter took the opposite side of the trade. Prechter, a long-time bear, emerged as a solitary bullish voice among overwhelming bearishness. After closing out a short recommendation that gained 800 downside points in the S&P, he issued the following bullish warning to bears: “The market is compressed, and when it finds a bottom and rallies, it will be sharp and scary for anyone who is short.” In the following days, the mainstream media reported that “perma-bear” Robert Prechter had turned bullish — the reports were only half true. Prechter had, in fact, turned intermediate-term bullish, but he stopped short of recommending average investors to jump back in. Why? Prechter saw something on the horizon that the shortsighted mainstream market watchers did not, which brings me to the untold portion of this story … In Prechter’s eyes, the bear market is far from over, and what he expects to happen after the current move ends is significantly important to how you position your portfolio now. Prechter’s firm, Elliott Wave International, is now offering for a limited time The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read in 2010. Inside, Prechter reveals his big-picture outlook for U.S. stocks and the U.S. economy. The eye-opening 13-page report, originally published for paying subscribers to his Elliott Wave Theorist, examines the government’s unprecedented involvement in the financial markets and local enterprise. It reveals what’s already taken place in candid detail then focuses you on what the government’s measures will actually do for the U.S. financial markets and economy. Be assured, this report delivers analysis you will not find on the front page of The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. It delivers independent insights from the man who saw the bear market — and today’s bear market rally — coming when virtually no one else did. But hurry! This free 13-page report is available for a limited-time only due to its timely content. Please learn more about and download the free 13-page Most Important Report for 2010 now.