Covered Calls

There are two methods to enter a covered call: (Thank you to Glen for his description and example!)

Method #1  (Assume you don’t already own stock):
1.      Use “Multiple Leg Trade” Entry Screen, choose “Short Call” from Saved Strategies dropdown box, then Save Template as “Covered Call”.
2.       Enter the trade (1 contract July short Call option on Facebook with a strike of $30)
3.      Using the View Trades with Strategies Tab locate this new entry.
4.      Right Click and choose Add Leg to Strategy.
5.      Enter a trade for 100 Shares of Facebook
6.      Voila!  – a covered call strategy in Facebook  exactly as I wanted.
Method #2 (I already bought 100 Facebook shares last month and now I want to Sell a Call against these shares):
1.      Using View Trades with Open Positions choose these shares.
2.      Right Click and choose Convert to Single Strategy.
3.      This creates an un-named strategy with just the equity in it.
4.      Back to View Trades with Strategies Tab and find “Total for Strategy #xxx: [FB]”
5.      Choose the trade, Right Click and “Add Leg to Strategy.
6.      Enter the trade for the 1 contract July Short Call of Facebook
7.  This strategy doesn’t have a nice name.

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