Creating a Roo-Trader version of your OTrader portfolio

To create a copy of your old OTrader portfolio for use on the new Roo-Trader application, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open Roo-Trader and navigate to Menu->Help->Import Tool (The Roo-Trader Import Tool will appear)
2. Under the “Import From” field select the following:
     Source Type: OTrader Portfolio ver 46 or greater (OTrader ver 4.1.29 up) – default.
     Source File: Select the file you wish to import from – click the three-dotted button

3. Under the “Export To” field set the following:
     Destination Folder: Select the folder you wish to save the new portfolio in Roo-Trader format (this is preset by default)
     Portfolio Name: Type a name for the new portfolio (this is also preset based on the name of your old portfolio but you may wish to change it)

4. Click “Start” button and importation of data shall commence.
5. After the new portfolio has been created, you may now open it in Roo-Trader by navigating to Menu->File->Open then select the newly created portfolio.


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