Default Stock and Options Prices from Yahoo Finance Price Updates

When using the default settings for pulling price updates everything is set to pull from Yahoo Finance. However, if you made a change, you can verify the default price settings.

Yahoo update setting can be found here:
Menu -> Edit -> Preferences & Setup -> Default Settings
Under “Yahoo options data feed (for pulling price updates)”, make sure you have selected “Use Saturday date following expiry date (default)”.  The reason for this is Yahoo keeps its records of Options Prices using the date of the Saturday following the Friday expiry date.

Please make sure the security code was set to the proper Exchange (if not then it will not be able to update the price because it will attempt to get the updates from another exchange).  You can verify if you have set the proper Exchange by going to Menu -> Edit -> Security Codes, look for the particular Code in your Codes List then click the pencil icon to edit.  Make sure you have set the following correctly
Security Code: The official code (e.g. AAPL for Apple)
Exchange: The Exchange where the code is listed
Option Type
Update Via: Set this to Yahoo Price Update by default

Make sure on the trade entry, you have also set the proper Expiry Date (usually the 3rd Friday of the Month, NOT the date of the 3rd Saturday as used by Yahoo)

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