How do I move my portfolio files to a new computer?

To move your data files from one computer to another follow these steps:
  1. On your old computer locate the folder called ‘My OTrader Portfolio’ by default this is saved in ‘C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents\’
  2. To move the folder to a new computer you will need to:
    • Copy the folder to a CD using CD burning software
    • Copy the folder to a USB thumb drive
    • If the computers are networked together you can copy the folder via the network
  3. Install OTrader on your new computer. Note: As OTrader activations are linked to each computer you will need to deactivate your license key from your old computer before activating on your new computer. This can be done by going to Help > Activation > Transfer License
  4. Saving your original OTrader data files on your new computer.
  5. If OTrader is open on either computer close the program before proceeding.
  6. The folder saved in step 2 now needs to be saved to the new computer at ‘C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents\’
  7. When saving the original data files to the new computer you may be prompted to overwrite an existing file. Select yes to continue.
  8. Transferring the files is now complete.
  9. Open OTrader.
  10. When running OTrader for the first time it will look for the default portfolio named Otdata. If you created another portfolio on your old computer from inside OTrader use the File > Open method to connect to the portfolio.
  11. To change the default portfolio OTrader connects to at start-up go to Edit > Preferences & Setup > Default Settings and select a new portfolio for the default portfolio.

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