Updates – How do I receive updates?


How do I update Roo-Trader?

Roo-Trader will check for any program updates when you start the application.

You will be prompted to update now, or wait until later. Roo-Trader will continue to work unless this is a critical bug fix. Only then would we force you to update before using the application. We are trying to not disrupt your work!

Roo-Trader Updates

Roo-Trader will notify you of any pending updates. You can choose to update now, or wait until later. Note: The updates stop when if you no longer pay for the yearly maintenance fee.

If you pay the yearly maintenance fee, Roo-Trader will continue to pull updates. If you decide to not pay the yearly maintenance fee, the software will continue to work at the older revision level. However, you will not receive support or updates after that time.


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