"I don't do any paper trading. All my trading is real time. If I make a mistake I can learn quickly from it by documenting it in OTrader. "

Wendy Dayman

Much faster to enter trades and monitor positions than my old spreadsheet on Excel. Hence I have save a great deal of paperwork time and done more trades as a result.

David Boyce

"I have been using a basic program issued by Break Free with their seminars. Yours knocks it into a cocked hat and I look forward to making best uses of the features."

James Reid

Seemed too simple to be of any value, but it was more powerful and useful than I originally anticipated and had everything I needed.

David Boyce

Most programs were much more expensive and very complicated compared to Otrader.

Keith Jonas

"At first thought it was a little expensive but now that i have it i could not do with out it. MONEY WELL SPENT EXCELLENT VALUE. "

Greg Randall

"I Had a Exel spread sheet with macro going every which way. It was great, if you didn't want to do anything to fancy. I had spent about a year of my time on this trading spread sheet. I even thought it was starting to get pretty good. That was until I found OTrader. After seeing what OTrader could do, I was sold. I haven't looked at the other one again since.

I think the best thing about OTrader is that the support is second to none. OTrader is always coming out with updates to improve the programs performance.

So don't wait another minute. Download the demo and see for your self."

J Steensma

"Your software has been absolutely great. I have just used it for my recent tax return. All I sent the accountant for my options and share transactions was the reports generated by otrader. I used to document them in word files which was very cumbersome. Also it allows me to keep a running tab of my tax burden related to my portfolio activity which is enormously useful. "

Cameron Leopold

"Especially useful at taxtime. "

R Howard

"I get paper reports from the broker. I can match these with Otrader and check that every trade is as expected. "

R Bouwer

"A clear, organized mind lays the foundation for a successful trader. If you want to streamline trading administrative tasks, learn critical lessons from your trading history, and free up more time for research and analysis, you have stumbled upon the most essential tool for an option trader. OTrader is modern, intuitive software so you will be up and running in minutes. OTrader has saved me much time and precious money."

M Murphy

"I use it to complement optionvue, instead of buying their manager program, I use O trader, saving hundreds in the process!!!!!!!! "

David Cheah

"I have found the program to be a great trading tool .It is the third program I have had and by far the best keep up the good work.” "

Troy & Suellen Davey

It is the only software that I have found that gives you this much flexibility in recording your trades.

Mark Harrington

Best Value for money. For Future and Option traders, I dont find anyother product which can match this price.

Dhananjaya Reddy

I was totally lost to find EOD PnL especially on Open positions and tracking thru Excel was becoming cumbersome. This product helped me to give an accurate estimate of where I stand while trading.

Dhananjaya Reddy

More in control and accurate. Rather than looking only at Broker Total P&L, I now see P&L by option strategy most importantly. With my spreadsheet, any typo made results inaccurate.

Eric Holliday

The amount of time I'm spending each night keeping track of trades is reduced to bugger all giving me more time to do my analysis. Those of you who get headaches trying to manage separate trading notes, an excel spreadsheet, your data costs and your portfolio well this is the answer to it - all in one spot.

N Alves

Easy to use because I can intuitively use the program without a manual.

P Lucas

I would like to congratulate James on otrader - it is everything he said it would be and I can not recommend it strongly enough. Great work and that also goes for the OTrader website.

J Dumancic

As a provider of financial education in how to trade the Options markets, with several thousand graduates across Australasia, we are happy to recommend OTrader to not only our graduates, but to anyone with a serious interest in creating significant wealth from the markets.

All successful traders rely on accurate and detailed record keeping, and OTrader will assist you with this task like no other product in the marketplace.

This simple to use tool is with you through the whole trading process, recording your market analysis, monitoring your open positions, and providing detailed reporting as you monitor your profits and losses, and watch your bank grow. OTrader has set a new benchmark, for all others to now follow.
Congratulations on a fantastic product.

L Beggs

I would just like to recommend to everyone that the OTrader software is fantastic!!

It is easy to use, excellent for reviewing trades, saving notes for each trade, has a range of reports, it is very quick and easy to enter your trades and it even updates current prices from the ASX for open positions to enable easy viewing of your portfolio value. It also has a section for writing options.

James has done a brilliant job and I recommend OTrader to all of you.

G Alves

Just a follow up to let you know how much I enjoy and value your product. It is the greatest. This is exactly what I needed to get myself organized and make sense of the data.

Michael Myles

Your program really stops you getting over
confident or too chicken-hearted while trading options. Thanks again.

David Mane

It is very professional, I am a full time trader and run a successful business from option trading and i wouldn't do it without OTrader now. I feel more focused and more in control of the financial aspects of my trading business, being able to print out reports of all kinds has helped allot.

Mandy Moore

Far out - what can't this software do! My trial has run out so I am purchasing it today. Thanks for your prompt help.

Tim Wilson

I can't complement you enough for the book, your timing was perfect. I have not had a good month & its for the exact reasons that are mentioned in the book. Some of the quotes were that accurate I didn't know weather to laugh or cry (I had a Laugh). I believe in my system & education what my problem is i need to believe in my self & you may have sent me exactly what i needed. Thanks James.

Danny Barletta

No trader should be without this all in one package tool.

Adrian Yeow

I found it rather refreshing that a software company is willing to listen to users, one of the benefits of OTrader support is that the team is willing to listen to any suggestions that you may have for future upgrades that you may see as a benefit for you.

Derek Bevan

Thank you to James & OTrader for such a great product it IS a WINNER.

Trevor Dunn

Thank you, James, for a great product and your commitment to service and improvement. Thank you for your patience in dealing with my queries.

Roger Howard

Much easier than previous software - and easier to start. I was expecting difficulties but so far so good.

Hans Bluhm

I bought OTrader in the early days of development and have seen it develop into a comprehensive trading programe that is still growing all the time. I couldn't see myself trading without it.

Jason Steensma

I went back and opened the old version 4 when I was testing the data conversion module, and it is incredible how much the program has changed. Not only have there been so many improvements in data entry and reporting, but the actual look and feel of the whole package has been much improved.

Good Luck on this release and thanks for a great product.

- Glenn


As a retired database developer turned active options trader I thought that creating my own system for recording trades, creating reports for tax purposes and displaying charts of my trading performance would be a piece of cake. After wasting several months, I gave up and eventually found OTrader and downloaded the demo. It worked quite well, but didn’t provide all the right tools for trading complex option strategies. I contacted the developer and was informed that they were working on a new version to be called Roo-Trader and that they would be happy to receive suggestions of changes.

Several months and many beta versions later, the new version of Roo-Trader has been released. They have created a much improved data entry system for multi-leg option trades with the ability to create customized templates which make entering the same strategy much easier on a routine basis. There are also specific reports which present the profit/loss from these strategies clearly and which may be filtered in many different ways.

The people behind Roo-Trader are very receptive to the requests of their users for further extensions and improvements and I look forward to using this program to make myself a better trader. I think it is the best “Return on Investment” than any active trader could make.

Glenn Collins - Canada


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