New Release – Roo-Trader 6.0.4

Our development team released this month’s update for Roo-Trader. We are working hard to keep releasing updates each month for the new platform. This month, we added the import wizard to bring your older Version 4 OTrader data into the new database structure. One of our users successfully imported 1500 records. He noted the speed has increased and the functionality has improved in the new version. If you have an older set of data, please download the new software. The import wizard is in the menu. It is pretty easy to use and it should be a smooth migration. Just let Roo-Trader update itself by going to Menu–>Help->Check for Software Updates. After updating Roo-Trader, you will be able to open the Import Tool by going to Menu->Help->Import Tool. The import tool will “convert” your old data (OTrader format) to the new format without having to delete the old one (the older data will be preserved). The wizard will create a new portfolio in Roo-Trader format and copy the contents from your old portfolio. Close Roo-Trader, then open it back up and open the new data. Happy Trading! William

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