OTrader Version 4.2 Updates 2011-04-20

Sorry for the long delay in updating our site. We have been working quietly in the background to improve our site, and migrate it to a new set of services for all of our users. What have we been working on? A great question, here is what we have been doing. Version 4 was written in Visual Basic. XP was king and we developed our tools for that platform. Over time, we started working on version 5 which was in development to clean up some of the issues we have run into with version 4. Unfortunately, we scrapped version 5. Software is a complex business. We started developing version 5 and realized the web is going a lot faster than we can write our code. So, we dumped it. The reason was, we wanted to move away from Visual Basic and get into the newer software languages where we can leverage more tools for our community. That was a pricey decision, but it should pay off in the long run for all of our users. In the meantime, we have cleaned up some of the older issues in version 4. ┬áMost of the changes were in the background and our users probably will not notice any changes. These changes were pushed to make the software more stable, and prepare it for future upgrades. Version 4.2.3 is out and includes: 1. A single installation file for all Windows versions. We now have one single install package to download to work on Windows 7, Vista and XP. 2. Automatic updates. The software will download updates without you having to visit our web site. Don’t worry, you have control here. It will ask nicely to be installed. 3. Some menu items were cleaned up. 4. A cleaner database. This helped us clean up some small bugs. Thank you all for your patience. We have spent a lot of time and money getting this upgraded. You haven’t seen the changes but we are working for you. I’ll explain what the rest of the year will bring in my next entry! Cheers! Nik

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