02 June 2015: Version 6.5.0
Added: Feature to preserve sort settings in View Trades and Banking window.
: Sorting bug in Banking window (sorts amounts as text and not as values)
Modified: Gridlines (darker) because cell divisions aren’t that visible in some system settings.
Updated: Database and grid libraries.
Fixed: Other minor bugs.
Added: Minor GUI enhancements.

20 December 2014: Version 6.4.0
Updated : Database and grid libraries.
Fixed: Minor bugs.

21 October 2013: Version 6.3.0
Fixed : Bug in getting of OS Version and Architecture, added support for Windows 8.
Added: Option to turn off synchronization of banking log at startup which takes considerable amount of time when volume of data is large. This setting can be found in Menu -> Edit -> Preferences and Setup -> Default Settings -> Page 2.
Enabled: "Close Trade" (Multiple) context menu item for other instruments (not only Options) in View Trades and Income History window, as was the case in OTrader.
Fixed: Bug that causes deactivation of license at application startup.
Fixed: Other minor bugs.
Added: Minor GUI enhancements.

20 June 2013: Version 6.2.1
Fixed : Sorting of data in View Trades window (some columns do not sort properly due to incorrect data format).
Updated: Third-party libraries (most recent release to address bugs and compatibility issues).
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

01 March 2013: Version 6.2.0
Modified: Reports are now application-based (not portfolio-based). Recent versions store reporting details in the portfolio, when portfolio gets corrupted, user may not be able to view reports because they won’t show in the list of available reports in the Reports window. These details are now stored in the application itself and are now persistent.
Removed: Connections to the old website (www.otrader.com.au). Software now connects to only one site (www.roo-trader.com), which is the new and only active home of Roo-Trader.
Improved: Windows 8 compatibility.
Updated: Cleaner and simpler interface.
Added: Initial phase for Multi-Language support (which is expected to be completed on the next release).
Updated: Microsoft .Net from version 3.5 to 4.0.
Updated: Third-party libraries (most recent release to address bugs and compatibility issues).
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

21 November 2012: Version 6.1.3
Added: Ability to set custom date formats for display and reports.
Fixed: Computation and display of P&L% totals in View Trades window.
Fixed: Bug in View Trades window (Reconcile tab) : Clicking on reconcile column does nothing when columns have been re-arranged.
Removed: Direct editing of editable cells (current price, margin, profit target, stop loss) if trade is already closed (View Trades window).
Fixed: Bug in View Trades window : when negative numbers get hovered upon, they change to red text and stay that way all throughout.
Added: Panel states (collapsed/expanded) are now persistent (Dock Menu / Reports window).
Added: Dock Menu size and location is now persistent.

18 November 2012: Version 6.1.2
Fixed: Bug in Multiple Leg Trade window which saves credit as debit and vice-versa.
Fixed: Bug in View Trades window which incorrectly computes P&L% as 100 when P&L$ is 0.

16 November 2012: Version 6.1.1
Fixed: Number (integer) input handling causing saved values to be reset to zero (0).
Added: SubTotal for P&L % column in View Trades window.

15 November 2012: Version 6.1.0
Fixed: Profit and Loss Detail by Strategy report: net profit computation and all other related fields yield incorrect results when some legs are still open.
Added: Enhanced decimal precision handling.
Added: Decimal precision set in Setup & Preferences (Money Management) is now also being used in figures are displayed reports. Also separated precision handling for qty and prices.
Added: Software version in status bar for quick reference.

09 November 2012: Version 6.0.9
Fixed: Bug in editing a trade: Edit/Enter Trade window does not properly load saved fees if selected broker style does not include tax.
Fixed: GUI glitch in 125% fontsize displays (some textboxes’ entry region are not flush with their borders).
Fixed: Display bugs in View Trades window (Reconcile tab).
Added: Performance optimizations.

29 October 2012: Version 6.0.8
Updated: Updated sorting of data in View Trades window to allow Sorting by Code.
Added: Capability to change the text color of winning and losing trade totals (P&L$ column in View Trades window).
Fixed: Date handling issue in Assign/Exercise function.
Added: Software updating from new website (www.roo-trader.com).

19 October 2012: Version 6.0.7
Fixed: Computation of P&L $ / P&L% in View Trades window .
Added: Software activation support in www.roo-trader.com.
Fixed: Opening of the application when a portfolio is clicked from Explorer (cannot previously open the selected file if the path contains whitespaces).

11 October 2012: Version 6.0.6
Fixed: Grand total %ROM on Strategy Profit and Loss Detail report.
Added: Net %ROM and Margin column on Profit and Loss Summary by Strategy report.
Fixed: Performance Charts (Portfolio Holdings by %Value / $Value / %Sector / %Instrument).
Added: Yahoo options data feed date algorithm.
Added: DiNapoli indicator selections for Trading Notes.

28 September 2012: Version 6.0.5
Added: Refresh Alarms window when View Trades window refreshes.
Added: Preserve sort order of grid in View Trades window (while it is open, session-based only).
Fixed: Print Summary and Print Strategy in View Trades window (changes in ver 6.0.4 have disabled these print functions).
Added: Logic to handle Margins for strategies in Multiple Leg window.
Added: Net %ROM in Profit and Loss Detail by Strategy report.
Updated: Exchange details (both Yahoo and Google symbols) to allow accurate updating of prices. This will in turn make research functions (Yahoo! Research and Google Research function available in View Trades window by right-clicking on a trade) more accurate.

21 September 2012: Version 6.0.4
Added: Quick access to Show OPEN Strategies only (View Trades window).
Added: In Multiple Leg Trade window, when expiry date of first leg is set, set all other legs equal to that value when not yet set.
Updated: View Trades window (made minor layout adjustment).
Added: Button to set currently opened portfolio as the default portfolio (Menu->Edit->Preferences & Setup->Default Settings). This button is visible only when the currently opened portfolio is not the default portfolio.
Fixed: Formula bug on Current Open Positions and Current Open Positions By Date reports.
Updated: Third-party libraries and APIs.
Added: Import Tool – will convert/migrate OTrader portfolios (Portfolio version 46 and up, used by OTrader version 4.1.29 up) to Roo-Trader format. This is already bundled with Roo-Trader 6.0.4 and can be opened at Menu->Help->Import Tool. It can also be downloaded as a standalone application.

13 August 2012: Version 6.0.3
Updated: Format of strategy report generated through View Trades -> Context Menu -> Print Strategy (to be of the same format as Strategy Profit & Loss Detail, for uniformity).

25 July 2012: Version 6.0.2
Fixed: Software activation.

21 July 2012: Version 6.0.1
Fixed: Gross Profit/Loss color in Profit & Loss Detail by Strategy report.

20 July 2012: Version 6.0.0 (Official Release)
Updated: Help.
Fixed: Several minor bugs.
Added: Several GUI enhancements.

13 July 2012: Version 5.5.1 (Release Candidate 1a)
Fixed: Bug in Strategy Analysis (wrong value in Average Gross and Net Profit).
Removed: Strategy Analysis by Week.
Added: Strategy Analysis by Year.
Added: Close Button on the Getting Started Wizard.
Fixed: Bugs in Assign,Exercise or Expire window.
Added: Enter Key handler in Security Code Combobox in Enter Trade and Multiple Leg Trade windows.
Added: Default Assign/Exercise/Expire date in Assign,Exercise or Expire window is the Expiry date of the trade.
Added: Support for apostrophe in DB text fields.
Fixed : Banking notes description when closing/splitting trades (to be the same when opening trades).
Fixed : Trade split and trade rollback logic.
Adjusted: Address format to support international addresses (Menu->Edit->Preferences & Setup->Personal Details).
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

06 July 2012: Version 5.5.0 (Release Candidate 1)
Updated: Banking Log re-synchronization logic (old version may cause major slowdown when log is saturated with data).
Updated: Profit & Loss Summary – change order of data to ascending (for uniformity with Profit & Loss Detail).
Fixed: Split Trade logic (not to create records for zero quantities).
Updated: Set Banking Log description contents to be uniform when opening, closing and splitting trades.
Fixed: Bugs in Assign,Exercise or Expire window.
Added: Feature to only show open strategies in View Trade -> Strategies tab (this can be set in Menu->Edit->Preferences & Setup->Default Settings.
Adjusted: Several logic to improve performance.
Added: Five (5) additional reports:
     Profit & Loss Summary by Strategy: Summarizes the performance of your strategies
     Strategy Analysis: Detailed analysis of your strategies in full providing statistics on both gross and net performance
     Strategy Analysis by Week: Detailed analysis of your strategies per week providing statistics on both gross and net performance
     Strategy Analysis by Month: Detailed analysis of your strategies per month providing statistics on both gross and net performance
     Strategy Analysis by Quarter: Detailed analysis of your strategies per quarter providing statistics on both gross and net performance
Enabled : Report drill-down. You can now view a row or group of rows in a separate page (e.g. if you open Profit & Loss Detail by Strategy, and wanted to separately view the details of a certain strategy in a separate page, just double-click on the strategy name, a new page will be created for you containing only the details of that strategy). This featue isn’t limited to that particular report, it applies to all reports where grouping has been applied.
Adjusted: Reports menu (created a separate category for strategy-related reports).
Enabled: Software activation by web and email (which were previously disabled in V4).
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

29 June 2012: Version 5.4.0 (BETA 11)
Updated: Labels in Assign, Exercise or Expire window (to be more appropriate) – further testing necessary on functionality
Added: Automatic portfolio backup before executing a downloaded software update
Added: Underlying Security Price in Profit & Loss by Strategy report
Added: Two (2) new reports: Profit & Loss Summary (with Open & Close), Profit & Loss Detail (with Open & Close)
Updated: Edit Strategy Details window (able to modify Strategy Date).
Updated: Enter Trade / Multiple Leg Trade window (removed New button for Security code and combined functionality with Security Code ComboBox).
Adjusted: Several logic to improve performance.
Updated: Profit & Loss Summary report:
     Added: Gross Profit/Loss column
     Added: NET Profit/Loss column
     Summarized Brokerage Costs
     Removed columns deemed unnecessary
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

22 June 2012: Version 5.3.0 (BETA 10)
Added: Automatic Backup (Automatic backup folder can be set in Menu -> Edit -> Preferences & Setup -> Program Settings
Updated: Transaction description of trade in Banking window is more detailed if Exercised/Expired (similar to Close Trade)
Updated: Strategy templates have been overhauled to be more versatile for advanced traders but with preset templates for beginners
Added: Profit and Loss by Strategy report can now be filtered by Strategy Type (user must edit details of strategies inputted prior to this version and can be done in View Trades -> Right-click on strategy -> Edit Strategy Details
Updated: Creation of New portfolio now have the option of copying existing strategy templates.
Updated: Banking window : can now move and resize columns (with Reset Layout functionality). There is also an option to turn on/off automatic scrolling to the last row.
Fixed: Welcome Screen layout glitch on displays with 125% (or more) font size.
Fixed: Toolbar glitch on displays with 125% (or more) font size.
Fixed: Resetting of information messages (Menu -> Edit -> Preferences & Setup -> Program Settings -> Reset).
Updated: Renamed headers and re-arranged columns in Close Trade window deemed to be more appropriate as follows:
     Total Cost -> Gross Open
     Total Sell Price -> Gross Close
     Total -> Net Close
     P/L$ (moved to end)
Fixed: Tax name in Close Trade window (to follow that of the selected Broker).

15 June 2012: Version 5.2.1 (BETA 9a)
Fixed: Sorting by date in all grid (where sorting is applicable).
Updated: Trial extension can now be done anytime (no need to wait for the software to expire).
Added: Automatic scrolling to the last row in Banking window.
Added: Closing Date in Profit & Loss by Strategy report when Current Price column is marked as "Closed".
Added: Strategy # in Profit & Loss by Strategy for uniformity with View Trades window (Strategies view) to make backchecking easier.
Updated: Add Security Code window set GICS blank initially.
Fixed: Typo error in User Preferences window (Notifications tab).
Added: Report Viewer window now remembers your last setting (Zoom Factor and Panes).
Added: Ability to set custom names for screen shots.
Added: Ability to link files to notes (Notes window – Linked Files tab).
Added: Ability to close an entire strategy (View Trades window, right click on the strategy, select Close Position, Close Strategy).
Enabled: Automatic software updating.