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Elliott Wave Global forecasts available free until May 8

Have you ever wondered why a certain stock or index is moving when everything seams to be flat? Even if you invest mostly in a specific region or sector, market moves in stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, silver, crude oil or others around the world can have a huge impact on your portfolio. Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. EWI’s 20-plus analysts provide around-the-clock forecasts of every major market in the world via the internet and proprietary web systems like Reuters and Bloomberg. Elliott Wave International has agreed to give you free access to their global forecasts until May 8. Now is your chance to get more than 100 pages of free analysis and forecasts on every major world market. For the first time ever, EWI is giving away one month of its most popular global analysis publication, a 120-page “little black book” of investment insights called Global Market Perspective, which includes EWI’s three regional publications:
  • The U.S. Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (normally $19/month value)
  • The European Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (normally $29/month value)
  • The Asian-Pacific Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (normally $31/month value)
PLUS, the 120-page book includes analysis culled straight from EWI’s professional-grade Specialty Services, each of which is valued at $199/month. This means you also get analysis and forecasts for the following global markets:
  • World stock markets (China, Japan, Korea, U.S, France, Britain, Australia and more)
  • Global interest rates (Australia, Europe, Japan, U.S.)
  • International currency relationships (U.S. Dollar, Euro rates, Aud, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen and more)
  • Metals and Energy (Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Natural Gas)
  • And so much more!
It’s not too late to take advantage of this unique offer! Whether you use Elliott or not, I highly recommend you stop by the webpage below right now. Learn how to get your free 120 pages of global analysis here If you have any questions let me know.