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Roo-Trader Version 6.2.0 Released

We released version 6.2.0 of Roo-Trader this week. Roo Trader Ver 6 2 In this version we: Improved: Windows 8 compatibility. Modified the Reports section: The reports are now application-based (not portfolio-based). Recent versions store reporting details in the portfolio, when portfolio gets corrupted, user may not be able to view reports because they won’t show in the list of available reports in the Reports window. These details are now stored in the application itself and are now persistent. Removed: Connections to the old website (www.otrader.com.au). Our software now connects to only one site (www.roo-trader.com), which is the new and only active home of Roo-Trader software. Updated: Cleaner and simpler interface. Added: Initial phase for Multi-Language support (which is expected to be completed on the next release). Updated: Microsoft .Net from version 3.5 to 4.0. Updated: Third-party libraries (most recent release to address bugs and compatibility issues). Fixed: Other minor bugs. We continue to work on and improve our software. If you have a suggestion for a missing feature, please send it to us. We add features based on your input! Happy Trading! William

Version 4.2.6

We released another update to our software. This release allows you to pull price updates from Google. We are looking for feedback from our users on their experiences with the price updates. Our testing was limited on updating our test stocks. The default Yahoo is still set on your clients. If you want to try Google price updates, you need to select that option from your preferences menu settings. Look at the DDE settings and choose Google. Happy Trading! Nik