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We’re Running Late

We are running late this month. We normally push out an update by the 21st of each month. This month, we are finishing two projects. First is the changes Microsoft has made to the way software behaves. They made a change to Windows 8 and we are modifying our software to ensure you get a smooth installation. This was based on two new users finding permission issues when they installed a new copy of Roo-Trader. Second, we pushed our multi-language version of Roo-Trader back a month. The reason we pushed it back a month was to ensure Windows 8 compatibility. We should roll out our new version in March. Thank you for trying our software and staying with us over the years! Happy Trading! William and the Roo-Trader team.

Sell Rules – Plan Ahead

When entering a trade, you need to plan on your exit strategy. This article on Investors.Com page has a sample list of reasons to sell a stock or option. Don’t Wing It; Follow The Rules When You Sell An article by Vincent Mao has his tips on the Investor’s Corner of Investors.com. To highlight a few of them: • Cut losses at no more than 8%. • Lock in gains when they amount to 20% to 25%. • Don’t let a big gain turn into a loss. • Closing below the 10-week moving average in significant volume. Consider selling if a stock closes the week Sell when stock ends below its 10-week line in volume that’s at least 40% above average. For the whole article and the rest of their tips, go to the link above. Remember to plan ahead to preserve your capital! Happy Trading! William

New Release Version 6 Beta 8E

New Release Version 6 Beta 8E

We had hoped to release with a live version. Unfortunately, our testers keep making suggestions and finding issues. Great work guys! BETA 8E has been uploaded. In this release (this is a combined list of Alfonso’s and Glenn’s reported bugs, including those we found on our own): 1. Multiple Leg Trade – Fixed implicit when moving from cell to cell – Fixed saving banking details for “short” – Fixed the reset functionality (when a Strategy is loaded, it resets the grid using the pre-loaded strategy and not just clear the grid) – Fixed strategy selection (when user chooses headers, app originally asks to load it when in fact they are just headers and not actual strategies) 2. Banking – Fixed data sequence (rows are not properly arranged according to date and trade sequence, thus presenting some inconsistencies in balance column) – Fixed missing data on short calls and puts (deposits not reflected) – this is related to saving the data in Multiple Leg Trade – Enhanced date filters (included “All” but default is still the current month) 3. Strategy report – Fixed missing data (Open Qty) and invalid sign (Closing Value) 4. Profit/Loss Detail report – Fixed saving error due to presence of “/” in default filename 5. Profit/Loss Summary report – Removed details and revert back to plain “summary” 6. Trade Analysis reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly) – Fixed grouping of data 7. Dividends – Fixed saving of Dividend data (for further testing) 8. View Trades – Mark as Expired now working and renamed menu to “Close as Expired” (for further testing) – Enabled printing and exporting of grid data in Evaluation Copies (originally disabled) – Fixed bug: When selecting filters for Account and System, no data is displayed (which is a result of an incorrect query) – Enhanced date filtering mechanism 9. Create new DB – Added option for user to choose between copying settings from Default portfolio and Currently Opened portfolio (if the currently opened portfolio is not the default) 10. Reports Window – Fixed bug: when Account filter is selected, Banking and Banking Transactions reports do not display data. 11. Performance Chart – Enhanced date filters – Printing and exporting (as jpeg image) of the graphs is now supported 12. Other minor bugs and performance issues Please send us anything you can find or suggestions and we’ll keep upgrading the code base! Cheers! www.roo-trader.com www.otrader.com.au OTrader Stock and Option Portfolio Management Software View the new support forum

Version 6 Beta 5

We are pushing out our next beta release to our testers. So far, the releases have been coming approximately every two weeks. With this release we are testing the ability to pull price updates from Yahoo and Google. We are coming close to our final release. We will work on our import wizard to help our users transition from version 4.2 of OTrader to the new release of Roo-Trader. Your local radio station may not take requests, but we do. If you want to see additional functions, please contact us. We are working through the list we compiled from our users over the past year. However, some items are a higher priority than others. So, please let us know what you need! Thank you for your support! Sincerely, The Roo-Trader Team!